Important Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

When was it built? Who built it? Is there a page builder included? As a freelance WordPress developer, I’ve worked with lots of different themes. Choosing a decent theme is important, because it can positively or negatively affect so many aspects of building and maintaining the website. More importantly, a theme can make a significant […]

My Favorite Development Tools

These are the tools I use every single week as a web developer! Favorite Languages: CSS, JavaScript, PHP Favorite libraries and frameworks: Gatsby, jQuery, Bootstrap, Laravel CMS: WordPress Code editor: VS Code Local Server: Wampserver or Local by Flywheel

Should You Learn WordPress in 2020?

My thoughts on WordPress and whether or not it’s worth picking up this year.

Tools I Use for My Freelance Web Dev Business

No matter what service you are providing for your clients, it’s important to treat yourself as a business.

The Best Channels for Web Dev Tutorials on YouTube

You can learn just about anything on YouTube these days and web development is no exception.

My Favorite Web Development Podcasts

Podcasts give me a chance to listen to what more experienced developers have to say, what tools they’re using and why they’re using them.